Who We Are

Home Inspection Engineers, Inc.

Established in 1965 by Harvey M. Kolesar, Home Inspection Engineers, Inc. (HIE) is Denver’s original home inspection firm. We are a second generation business of licensed professional engineers. HIE is now owned and operated by Vance M. Kolesar, P.E. (a licensed engineer with the State of Colorado).

Vance is an Architectural/Structural Engineer, licensed in 1978. He has been performing inspections and consultations at HIE since 1977. Vance became the owner of HIE in 1985. His prior experience was in construction management and quality control engineering in industrial construction.

During our 45 year history, HIE engineers have reviewed over 48,000 homes and commercial properties in the Denver Metro area. The engineers performing the inspections have extensive knowledge and experience in the Denver Metro area, including the expansive soil issues prevalent along the front range.

HIE provides an independent, unbiased report on the condition of the property to prospective buyers, sellers, current property owners, or loan companies. All inspections and reports are done by registered Professional Engineers, licensed with the State of Colorado.

Our pre-purchase inspections include both the structural and mechanical conditions of the building. This eliminates the need for both a general inspection and any subsequent structural review needed when an inspection is done by a non-engineer, which adds expense for the prospective purchaser.

Why a Professional Engineer?

A Professional Engineer requires a degree in Engineering, 4 years of supervised engineering experience and passing two rigorous 8 hour exams before being eligible to be a Professional Engineer licensed with the state.

Existing Homes (Pre-Purchase):

All of our pre-purchase inspections include a review of the structural features of the home, which a non-engineer is not qualified to comment on by Colorado statute. To have an engineer do your pre-purchase inspection can result in savings for you due to not having to hire an engineer after a non-engineer reviews your prospective home. Our engineers review the home for mechanical features (heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, etc.) during a pre-purchase inspection. Please refer to our brochure to see what our engineers look at for a pre-purchase inspection.

New Construction:

Our engineers will inspect your newly constructed home by reviewing workmanship, materials, and completion of items inside and out. They can also review your soil report that the builder should supply to you.

New Construction Stage Inspections: These inspections are performed when a home is under construction. They are timed to allow review at the foundation stage, framing stage, the final inspection after the home is completed, and shortly before the final inspection prior to your walk through with your builder. An on-site review and a written report are provided to the buyer at these different stages.


Our engineers consult on a variety of structural issues and concerns. We will consult with a prospective buyer, current home owner, seller of a property, or financial institution. These consultations can range from minor issues to major problems.